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Twitter broadcast 1,500 hours of eSports, including original content

The microblogging network is trying to adapt to the needs of its users not only adding new features to contain feared trolls of the social network, but in addition also it is expanding new services to be able to become the favorite of many users platform, at least those related to sport as far as possible. A few months ago Twitter is now streaming NFL Thursday party but seems to not be the only content that has designed the company’s Jack Dorsey convey, since you just come to an agreement with ESL and Dreamhack to emit events and tournaments related to video games.

As we can read in The Verge, Saturday morning will begin the first broadcast of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship which takes place in Poland. At the moment this is the first event that air way open through the social network, the first of fifteen who claims to have already agreed, among which include the next Intel Extreme Masters Championship and Dreamhack. For those who do not have the opportunity to enjoy the event which will be broadcast live, the social network will emit all the weeks a summary of 30 minutes with all the news related to eSports.

In recent years Facebook has been dedicated to copy all their main rivals have done, be it Twitter, Snapchat, or any other, including retransmission live parties, which would not be surprising that the company of Mark Zuckerberg again start the machinery of copying and pasting and also announce soon the issuance of this type of event especially after the launch of the application the SmartTV, and set-top boxes Facebook TV, with which you can enjoy the video of Facebook on our home television platform.

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