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Twitter changes the egg of the avatar by a person without a face

About news on Twitter should not matter much to those who are users of the social network for several years, announced a change that will be most relevant to those who are newly recorded.

From his official blog, Twitter revealed a change to the new user profile image, bidding farewell to the egg with colorful wallpapers to give rise to a person without a face and identity that incentive to establish a profile picture that can differentiate other account.

There were three reasons that took to Twitter to make this change in the appearance of the avatar: the redesign suffered last year, and the constant changes, motivate people to change their profile picture and avoid the Association of egg with those who create accounts just to annoy others.

El avatar de Twitter a través de los años.The Twitter avatar through the years.

Twitter changed the egg “cheerful, fun and unique” by a profile image “generic, universal, serious, unlabeled, temporary and inclusive”, thereby satisfying the three reasons mentioned above.

To get to this minimalist design, they considered other more, most represented by a faceless entity, while others were simply icons or patterns, as lines drawn diagonally. All of these proposals had something in common: was so grey that they had no identity.

At least the new avatar is more generic and inclusive, but better still, there is nothing in it that we remember the egg of the avatar. It is likely that this Twitter achieve its objective, to make more people feel interested in changing your profile image.

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