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Twitter confirms its division of Virtual reality and augmented reality


Officially, it is a reality that Twitter, the famous social network of weevil, has confirmed and made public. Twitter will have a division of Virtual reality and augmented reality, with what soon will have a more active participation of the social network in this field, as well as now is doing Facebook, its main rival.

The premiere of Twitter in the world of Virtual reality will be all big and at least so the company is preparing it already that it is not skimping on expenses and resources. Know that Twitter has hired one of former perpetrators of UI of Apple, Alessandro Sabatelli, which will lead the division. Sabatelli will only not be since it will have with technology the company Magic Pony that has recently acquired Twitter.

The new division of Virtual reality of Twitter will seek better technology for their applications

The result of this division seems to promise Sabatelli has actually increased experience and Magic Pony technology offers a great ratio of understanding, so that Twitter can offer applications just as good or better than current Virtual reality apps but with a weight or one lesser charge, which will mean one lower data transfer even , something that will appreciate the users who use it with mobile data or connections very evils.

Yet we know nothing about hardware and devices, Twitter has not said anything about it, it seems that Twitter will be dedicated especially to the world of Virtual reality software, and can throw some device in line with any other company.

Personally I think that is the approach that Twitter wants to give interesting within the world of Virtual reality and augmented reality, a different approach that sooner or later all companies will have to adapt since the data are still high when it comes to Virtual reality. Now we can only expect that it will provide us with Twitter.

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