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Twitter fights SPAM and “accounts egg” in its last update


Twitter is not what it was, has fallen behind wrapped in a tangle of applications and social networks that have managed to replace it to adapt to the new needs of users. No doubt that Instagram is an application that is more growing in recent months, especially after the launch of the “stories” that Facebook has gotten us in the soup. However, it is never late if Bliss is good, that due to think Twitter which has greatly improved its application in order to change the way in which we interact with her and to criminalize SPAM.

A primary part of the hatred that is fueling Twitter is precisely the harassment and demolition by “users” who are not. In addition, SPAM or advertising content populates your Timeline as you’re not a little exquisite with whom or what you still. In this way, Twitter official app adds a number of features that we had available in third-party customers, one example is to block a series of words that we don’t want to see in our Timeline, and that it would help us slightly to avoid certain content, such as the rules that every user of Outlook that boasts it has established.

Among these features that allow you to mute certain content, we are also the possibility of saying goodbye to those known as “beaded egg”, are those accounts usually handled by bots and that all I’d like to get rid of Twitter. Ultimately, you will have to go to settings that presents the official application of Twitter if you want to see changes that we, within the “notifications” section is where we find the words and accounts that you want to mute, as well as the specific time, one day, seven days, one month or forever.

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