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Twitter has paid more than 300,000 dollars in troubleshooting these past two years


All the companies that are dedicated to the world of technology, provides a broad Department of security, which is often not at all and they are frequently warned users of a small bug or security issue which has been detected in their services. A few weeks ago we inform you of the young Indian woman who had detected an error in the beta of Facebook which allowed using brute force to enter keys randomly until entering the system when a user does not recognize the key. Facebook rewarded this young man with $25,000 once had proved a failure.

But it is not the only one. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter… also have rewards programs for all those users who detect any problems in the security of their access and that rather than sell it for more money, prefer to put it to the attention of the owners of the services.

Since the inception of this program, Facebook has paid more than $ 4,000,000 million a figure that draws attention primarily by the large number of security errors that users of the platform have been detected. But it is not the only one. Twitter, another social network, call it somehow, has reported on its project of rewards and in which we can see how it has received 5.171 reports from users of bugs more than 1,600 participants. These users have obtained more than 300,000 dollars in different payments according to the danger presented the security flaw.

All companies know that despite having a Department in charge of security, the collaboration of users in primary to keep safe its different services. In fact some people can only live search bugs in this type of services. As we can read in the report of Twitter, only a user has obtained more than 54,000 informing about vulnerabilities in its micro-blogging service.

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