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Twitter improved their mobile version in conjunction with Google

The mobile web version of the popular social network of the Blue Bird today has made a remarkable leap of performance.

In conjunction with Google, mark developed Twitter Lite, which promises to load in less than 5 seconds on 3 G network and save up to 70% of data compared to its previous version.

The page now looks like a lot to the application and on Android even you can enable to receive notifications, so it immediately becomes a more lightweight than the application as such version. It is a PWA (Progressive Web App) and as such you can add to your homescreen almost equal that with a common app.

The images and videos are fuzzy until you do touch them, so you spend data and resources in what you feel is necessary.

In addition to the foregoing, Twitter promises that this will charge a 30% faster and that thanks to all the above becomes a very valid alternative for countries and regions with low connectivity or where people do not have access to computers that run the native application optimally.

Currently Twitter Lite will become the mobile social network web standard and is available now.

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