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Twitter Moments finally reaches Spain

Twitter Moments

If you are user of Twitter safe that will meet of the function Moments or moments since is available from end of the year last although, officially is now when Twitter just of announce that starting from now is when them users of the platform in Spain can begin to enjoy of this features that, if not know of that goes, basically you offers a series of summaries of them news more important of the day.

Entering a little more in detail, in Twitter Moments are collected in a same place or page them tweets more interesting on a topic determined. As was of wait, this themes can be of it more varied including from news published by the media generalists to talks that are today. In this point safe that you’ve noticed of the difference substantial between the functionality of now and before since, previously if that was possible create moments although not existed a team that is ordered of select them creations more notable of the day.

Twitter Moments is now, officially, available in Spain.

This is fundamentally the great difference since, as just of announce the Department of marketing of Twitter through a connected public, now the company has in Spain of a team that is responsible for of choose them moments worthy of appear in the page main of the famous network social. This page will be split in several tabs as the of ‘today‘ where will find it more remarkable of the day or the of, for example, ‘sports‘ with content exclusively related with the world of the sport.

As regards them sources of information, at least of time, is collect information provided by media of quite reputation as can be the world, the country, antenna 3, the sixth e even accounts as it of different teams as the Seville FC or the Real Madrid FC.

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