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Twitter on Android beta reveals a dark mode


Twitter would be testing the dark – dark mode – mode in your application for Android users as well you can see in the beta released for this operating system version. The fact is that this new mode could arrive soon and allows user to choose between normal mode or the night or dark mode.

This option that could be similar to the users of iPhone and iPad with the application of third Twetboot and even in the own settings of the latest version of the OS from Google, Android N, would be already being tested by some lucky users who have the beta with this mode on their Android devices. In addition the design so I can see in the screenshots, is very typical of the Material Design of Google, so convinced us.

We don’t have dates for the possible launch of this new dark mode for the official application but it is almost certain that it will be implemented. Now wait to see if in addition to this dark mode is added any more a part of the bug fixes and other news. We will be attentive to the Google Play to see if the application receives an update.

Now the social network of 140 characters is receiving a good facelift in general and this may be due to the pressure of competition and more specifically of Snapchat, so for us, if it has to be for the good of the users already can continue pressing to Twitter so continue adding improvements and new features in its native application.

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