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Twitter was studying the possibility of allowing to edit published tweets


The arrival of Jack Dorsey as once again head of Twitter, has meant a big change in terms of the functions which, so far, offered the microblogging platform. Jack Dorsey was one of the founders of the company that subsequently sold to engage in other businesses, but it seems that it was the only way to get Twitter lift head and develops in a platform used by more than 300 million users having several years. This week Jack Dorsey has been a kind of survey among users, which asked that they would like to see on Twitter in coming, year

Dorsey says that such and as expected the most demanded option always has been able edit the tweets published, rather to what has always been reluctant for that has not found a correct way to implement it, since the idea to be able to edit them would allow us to correct grammatical and spelling errors for a few minutes after the publication , but not to be able to review all our history and changed according to the interaction of our followers, the text that displays the tweet.

Dorsey does not want that people can abuse this option hence not finished seeing that way you could add this feature, be sure that any of you would have you well come on occasion, to avoid having to delete a tweet to rewrite it again. In this poll, Dorsey also said that if this option is finally implemented, will be available for everyone, not only for a few, as it could be the case with celebrities. At the moment everything seems to indicate that in one way or another this option will reach Twitter sooner or more over the coming year. Now we just need to wait.

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