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Twitter will expand the number of characters when we talked


No one can deny that Twitter has not been anchored in the past and offering no news at your service. Practically every month we have any news related to the microblogging social network, either by new functions or by temporarily hung the poster for sale. A few weeks ago Twitter ceased to count as characters the names of users, web links, photos and videos, so we could use the extra space to add more information to the tweet that we wanted to publish.

The company is still avoiding trying to expand the number of characters to thus losing the essence by which a small group of users, became famous and very useful, at least par since follows several years anchored in the 300 million users, while Facebook goes by the 1,600 million and Instagram overcame the 4oo million some time ago.

Despite elimination of characters that occupy the links, videos, photos and more, when we respond to a tweet, Twitter follows by subtracting the number of characters in the user of the total number available, 140, in such a way that the space is reduced and does not allow us to express ourselves with correctly. But it seems that Twitter wants to also remove that occupied space and within a few weeks will begin to be available for all users.

The microblogging company began testing this feature last month and apparently has had the success that the company expected by has decided it to wait no more and start to deploy it in a few weeks so that any user who wants to have a conversation on Twitter with one or more people follow not seeing reduced space to express themselves.

The arrival of the former founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, as head of the company it has meant a revolution in the platform and constantly is adding new features to improve, even if possible, the service offered, although as we see quarter after quarter, these results still do not capture the attention of users…

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