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U.S. takes on multi-million-dollar fine to América Móvil

América Móvil added a new history to its long history of fines and penalties for failures and violations at your service. However, unlike the harmless regulations of the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) in Mexico, this time an alien organism is imposing the punishment, that goes without saying, is quite large.

According to a report by Grupo Milenio, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States, has decreed that America Movil and its subsidiary Puerto Rico Telephone Company must pay a fine for USD $1.1 million, as a result of an investigation where it has been shown that this consortium would have exceeded in repurchase of its own shares.

This stock market movement is typified as one of the most serious violations to the regulatory framework for foreign companies operating in the United States.

But Travis LeBlanc, head of the application Office of the FCC, said in interview with Reuters, Carlos Slim Helú and members of his family would have been exceeded with these operations rarely:

Foreign companies that do business in the United States and its territories must follow all federal regulations, including those regulating the ownership of U.S. companies.

This is the largest fine for a violation of foreign ownership and control limits due to the repeated violations of the Slim family.

What can be assured is that this million-dollar penalty if will be worth abroad.

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