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Über drivers can use Pandora for free

Letrero de Uber

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Über is the chauffeur service that has revolutionized the market. He has come so far that in countries like Spain and France, have forced the Executive to create specific legislation intended to regulate their situation. The good thing about Uber is precisely that is to last in it comes to technology, request a Uber is quite much easier and faster to apply for a Taxi, and the same is true when it comes to pay. However, today we focus on another theme, and it is über drivers to be able to use Pandora for free, thus brightening the way its customers.

From now on, über drivers will benefit from the signing of Pandora, but free, so that will not have to hear absolutely no advertisement. The launch of this promotion will be in United States, New Zealand and Australia, while they expect that it will expand to the rest of the territory where Uber is available, although the reality is that Uber is finding more obstacles than shuttles in places such as Europe, where the regulation of taxis is assuming an important constraint. The funny thing, is that Pandora will be free for über drivers, but only when they are conduciendor will that nothing does not give these guys from Pandora.

Click here to see the video

Über today announced this new feature with this promotional video that we have seen above. Über drivers must create an account on Pandora, for other functions, they are exactly the same as for any user of the application. To use it, drivers will push on the button “Play Music” which have been included in the application of Uber, so select the station you wish to. The promotion will be available until December 28 this year, but we don’t know if it will be renewed.

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