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Über plans to begin testing their flying cars in 2020


Among the many projects of research and development being carried out in über today I want to talk about that which is intended to develop flying cars. This is not the first time that we talk about this subject and with what intentions it is developing but the truth is that we were unaware data as it can be directly from the same State.

Apparently Uber flying cars are much more developed than we could imagine since, as has been said from the company itself, its leaders believe that they may begin testing them in 2020 in cities as different in terms of culture and development such as Dallas, United States, and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai and Dallas are chosen for the first tests to über held their flying cars.

As Jeff Holde, über product during the presentation of this same project manager commented:

Urban aviation is the next natural step for über. We are working to realize the ‘press a button and get a flight‘.

In addition to these statements, we have also been able to know, at least in this project, über is not alone that has signed agreements with several companies that will help it with its development. Flame especially the attention, in this regard, that one of them is an Realtor, same that will detect the best buildings to make flying cars to land while for the manufacturing will be responsible specialists such as Embraer and Aurora Flight Sciences.

Undoubtedly Uber is determined to put all eggs in one basket and as good technology company, would not miss the opportunity of being present in one of the sectors that, sooner or later, is destined to revolutionize the world. Therein it shall not alone since other companies like, for example, Airbus, are already working on similar ideas.

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