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Uhans A6, a beautiful smartphone range of input coming in may

As you know, Gadget News we like to keep you informed about innovations in technology, as well as we test the best gadgets on the market with the intention that you may know first hand what is the best option when choosing electronic device. Uhans is a Chinese brand specialist in smartphones of input range that we have been trying months ago and today I want to announce that the A6 Uhans, the first of the brand with an anodized aluminum chassis, will be on the shelves next month of May. Let’s take a look at this Uhans A6 features and above all, what will be the price that seek to captivate us.

Let’s start with the strengths, the A6 Uhans will come with a chassis aluminium, something that will give you a look and a touch more premium than usual in the cmopania China, without forgetting that if the removable back cover that will allow us to remove both battery and SIM card memory. As for the RAM, we find 2 GB classic and sufficient to move Android 6.0 in its pure version (without layers of personalization) and 16 GB storage expandable to 32 GB on the assumption that we want to include a microSD card. However, the most relevant will be its 4,100 mAh battery that will guarantee us an autonomy that is mark of identity in Uhans.

It also has weaknesses, such as MediaTek Quad-Core MT6580 processor and the fact that will not have (as we know) with data 4 G technology. It remains to be seen, since in a few weeks we’ll see in the market and if we have the pleasure to try you can have first-hand how it works and if it is worth doing, waiting that the Chinese firm confirm its percio.

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