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Unicode Consortium shall publish 72 new emojis this June 2016

Facebook has just announced the integration of new emojis to his Messenger, but in reality is a movement to preempt the publication already scheduled beforehand by The Unicode Consortium, that will release 72 new images within the next few days of June, to give greater variety and including these companions inseparable from any mobile device.

From the month of January had already announced the approval of this new pack, which would come with the arrival of Unicode 9.0, scheduled for this June, but at that time 74 were approved images, now in accordance with the most recent publication of the Consortium, two would have been displaced for the next update, leaving to the end in 72.

(C) Unicode Consortium(C) Unicode Consortium

Among the new emojis is observed that he stays current trend and fixing to integrate images inclusive, with different skin shades and variations of gender, in addition to the classic categories of facial expressions, symbols with their hands, animals, objects and food.

Among the most prominent are, man dancing music disc, the clown, the dumpling, the facepalm, shopping cart, luchcadores, arm, which takes a selfie, the pregnant woman, the glass of whiskey and face with nausea.

Once Unicode 9.0 integrates these emojis to its platform it will be a matter of very little time to ensure that they reach to our mobile devices.

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