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Unite LoL is the Tinder of League of Legends

Who says that users of League of Legends may not have life beyond the game? Perhaps tools like Tinder can generate you some fear for their unique socialization is people of the same game, but someone created something specifically for them: Unite LoL, something like the Tinder for LoL.

The application became iOS (and future) also Android and what it does is basically is to find other players of League of Legends who are in a close geographical area. According to its creator on Reddit, the idea is that people can find other people to assemble equipment, make friends and whatever comes after that.

Unite LoL even can show statistics of ranked games and promises to make the game community less toxic, since it would avoid the trolls: “If you know the person with whom you play, could behave better”, explained in the official site.

LoL players who sit rather solitary, should take a look. Who knows and they are up to the glory.

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