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United Kingdom sees the rise of price of the OnePlus 3 by fault of the Brexit


The price of handsets in the UK may suffer an increase in price because of the Brexit, and thus it is being. The first device that increases the selling price in the United Kingdom because of the results of the vote held on June 23 it is with its 3 OnePlus OnePlus.

The Chinese firm already warned of this just released the results of the vote and now the flagship of the startup will be 20 pounds more expensive next 11th of this month. The news is official and is confirms in them forums of OnePlus where responsible of the rise directly to the output of the country of the Union European and the fall of the value of the pound sterling.

The curious part of this ascent already rumoured when met the news that hit the United Kingdom and in the case of OnePlus, is is not directly raises the price of all phones that are sold there, merely the increase in price is directly related to the new model and does not affect the rest of terminals that are on sale on the official website.

So finally all those users that want to buy the new OnePlus 3 in the United Kingdom starting from the next 11 of July van to have that pay 329 pounds. We see that the increase is not so outlandish as one could think of a home but we also believe that this news is like the users in the country. We will see if affects or not in the sales total this increase of price of the OnePlus 3.

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