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Universal cancer vaccine is a little bit closer

vacuna contra el cáncer

One of the diseases more difficult to combat that it may suffer today the human being is cancer because, precisely, to the nature of the obligation since, instead of being a virus, bacteria or any foreign body that attack our bodies are precisely our own cells that become cancerous. Due to this last, so far, the best solution was literally poison all our body in the hope that cancer cells suffer more than the rest and were about to disappear.

As it is logical, and you can read, we talk about a treatment simply inhuman but that, on the other hand, it is postulated as one of the few solutions that had either one person survive cancer. Another solution, very new, is inentar help our immune system to identify those cancer cells and that they thus fail to go unnoticed for the same. Even so, due to that talk about a disease unfortunately quite common, many are teams and researchers trying to find a solution to this terrible problem.


After many efforts, today we discovered that it was a team of the University of Mainz, Germany, which has just been published that they have managed to take the first step towards this hypothetical universal cancer vaccine. It would be a vaccine able to act to our immune system through the introduction in our body from RNA extracted from the patient’s own cancer. In this way, taking advantage of the raison d ‘ être of the vaccines, enters body a strange element that is very similar to the Microbe that is going to fight.

As we said, we have a new step that could lead to the creation of a universal vaccine to fight cancer effectively. We say the first step since, at the moment, have been conducted tests with different tumors in mice noting that, introducing RNA modified by an injection into the body of the animal, the immune system is activated and begins to attack the cancer cells. As detail more than encouraging, recently has also been tested this solution with three melanoma patients obtaining satisfactory results.

By the time the team responsible for this discovery does not want to venture out to announce the creation of a universal vaccine contral because cancer, as they themselves announced that every cancer is different in each person so it should be customized vaccine it although, apparently, is only a single parameter which should be modified. Even so, they prefer to be cautious and wait for more data to confirm something for which the scientific community has many years worked.

More information: scienceAlert

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