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Updated the standard Wi-Fi 802. 11ac increasing bandwidth and speed

WiFi 802.11ac

There are many technologies that are gradually being updated due to its enormous expansion and use. Including for example highlights how just a few weeks ago was updated standard for Bluetooth while now it is the turn to the WiFi 802. 11ac. This time has been the Wi-Fi Alliance commissioned to announce the news that will bring this important update to a standard dating back to 2014.

Entering a little more in detail, while it continues to maintain the name of WiFi 802. 11ac, the truth is that now be added the surname “Wave 2 to distinguish it from the former. This is so since we are not talking about a change of standard as such, but rather an Update which seeks to offer superior performance and better security to users who eventually have to use this technology almost on a daily basis.

Higher speed and higher bandwidth for standard WiFi 802. 11ac Wave 2

Among the innovations that reach WiFi 802. 11ac Wave 2 we find for example the use of up to four antennas transmitting increasing turn to 37 the number of channels. Thanks to this improvement he seeks to not only take advantage of all the available bandwidth, but also offer less interference of signals.

In second place we find that literally doubled the speed despite keeping the use of the 5 GHz band. This has been achieved thanks to the increased frequency that now passes the 80 MHz to 160 MHz. The result is that we can now navigate to an average of between 2.34 to 3.47 Gbps.

For the end we have made perhaps the most important novelty. According to WiFi Alliance, this update to the standard will incorporate support for multi-user MIMO technology by means of which the router will adopt multitasking of data management. Basically what this means is that now you can receive and send information up to four users at the same time without that speed will be reduced at the same time increasing stability of connections.

As a final detail, let know you that as he has been explained, many of the current apparently rotures 802. 11ac support Wave 2. This Update OTA is the responsibility of each manufacturer. Obviously, the new units to reach the market already have this certification in their specifications.

More information: WiFi Alliance

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