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Urbanears presents its new range of headphones

Sometimes we leave a little aside the subject of audio, however, during the Mobile World Congress they wouldn’t be all laptops and smart phones. Today we will give you an overview of the new range of spring and summer the Urbanears brand presented to accompany us this 2017, with good audio, but that if, very stylish, as it could not be otherwise. Take a look with us to the characteristics of this new range of headphones are usually manufactured with enough quality materials, which usually justify their purchase.

The novelty will be the colors, this new range will come in green, purple cosmos and blue eclipse. It has become fashionable add a term which supposedly represents more accurately what the company means next to the color. Ultimately, we will have the headphones Plattan 2 from 50 euro, accompanied by the Plattan ADV Wireless (which as you can imagine are wireless) from 120 euros and finally a version slightly more measured, the Sumpan by another 50 euros. It all depends on what you are looking for, we have in-ear with a design very similar to the EarPods, a classic, little recommendable if we take into account the recession 3 Jack, is suffering 5 mm, and a headset to the last connected Bluetooth headset.

These colors in pastel tones very well accompany textile which Urbanears often accompanies its devices, both covering the cable as the inside of the headband. However, can be a little extravagant to the most common public. However, Urbanears has always been characterized by bringing fashion to our ears, as well as, shall you go for any of those they found in header, quite revealing regarding this photo. Although perhaps, brands should go whereas stop manufacturing Headphone Jack 3, 5mm to those prices.

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