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USB-C, Lightning, and the rumors about the connectors for the following iPhone

While still lacking enough time so that Apple officially presented the new iPhone, rumours about their connection port are still daily news. In this case we have rumors of the recognized medium WSJ who warn that the new iPhone will mounted ports USB-C and estandarizarán with the rest of smartphones and on the other hand the analyst of KGI, Ming-Chi Kuo, announced this afternoon that all iPhone 2017 will have Lightning connector and USB-C. A good tumult of rumours that the media already do not know where grab and that we will have in dance during this time that remains until the official presentation of the new Apple devices, Yes, seems that we would have 3 new models this year.

The leaks and rumors are not clear in this respect and it is true all speak of the possibility that the new iPhone models integrated ports USB-C, in some cases refers to a port on the device itself and in others as the Kuo, is said to be the cable from the device since Apple connector is smaller than the standard USB C. It is true that having an iPhone and a MacBook from 2015 onwards (12″ and MacBook Pro 2016 MacBook) new it is indicative that you can not connect them together, and this is something that seems quite ridiculous to today.

But the new iPhone 7 have only port Lightning and if Apple decides to delete it to place the C USB at the bottom can be a real mess, although many thought it would be the right thing. Of course whatever you do they will shower you with criticism and while it is true that the other option is that of adapters for ports, this is becoming a not-very-convincing solution for users of Apple products. Now the rumors of Kuo, warn that the new iPhone will have quick charging and connector Ligthning, who will be cat water?

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