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Valve launches an official client of Steam for Windows Phone

App de Steam para Windows Phone

In recent months, Valve, Steam company, has launched several applications for operating systems different, in such a way that video games platform is more and more present. But there was a platform that was forgotten by Steam and Valve, this was Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone.
This platform seems to already is not forgotten because it has released an official client of Steam to be able to use mobile phones with Windows Phone and Windows Mobile 10. The new Steam client will not be a full client, but if it will allow to control the platform from our mobile then play through the computer.

Steam for Windows Phone app at the moment not be able to play video games

Steam for Windows Phone customer will allow us to use the Steam guard, authentication system buy and sell items and the remote download and installation of video games on computers through the app. Unfortunately this app will not be universal, i.e., it will not have the new format of Microsoft packages, since is an app for Windows Phone 8.1 which will allow to install on any mobile phone with Windows Phone, either is old or is modern. In any case it seems that more gamers can use your mobile phone to enjoy video games Steam and their buying items.

Although there are platforms of interesting games like Xbox platform, the fact is that Steam has revolutionized the market, among other things because their games do not depend on a single platform but which can be used on multiple operating systems. We can now say that Steam is on all popular platforms, but the question is in How long you can keep this Valve? In the end, many companies decide to devote himself to the platforms that bring more money and maybe this Steam client is temporary so it will be necessary to take advantage of it.

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