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Verizon wants to pay 1,000 million dollars less to Yahoo for the recent problems of privacy and security


Is clear that the arrival of Marissa Mayer as CEO of Yahoo has been an of the worst decisions that took the Council management of the company. Marissa Meyer arrived with the promise of lifting the former internet giant, but little by little has managed just sink it that the company finally had to go on sale. It was earlier this year when the company hung the poster for sale. They have been many suitors until finally Verizon was who made the best offer and stayed with the company, but still has not effected the payment planned for before the end of this year.

The full amount of the purchase agreement is 4,800 million dollars, a figure much lower than what it cost the company years ago. But the recent problems of security and privacy that has been the company with more than 500 million accounts hacking and working with the American Government so that he could freely access their user accounts, forcing Verizon has request a significant reduction in the price finally set for sale, a discount of 1,000 million dollars , by which the price of the sale of llagó would be of 3,800 million of dollars.

Both problems, the concealment of the hacking of more than 500 million accounts and mail scanning electronic by the Government during the past year, have fallen about Marisa Mayer, who was who made the decision to work with the Government and the hide hack suffered in 2014. Verizon says that Yahoo problems seriously affect the value of the company in the market, since has lost a lot of credibility only with these two facts, although it would not be surprising that there was any more of that to this day have no knowledge.

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