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Verizon will be legally installed spyware on smartphones of customers

In the days of Donald Trump seems to privacy protection has become a thing of the past for the United States, turning into something almost legal to telecommunications service providers to collect and share data stolen from their own customers. But Verizon seems to want to go further.

During the last hours, a serious controversy has been created by the revelation that the operator is preparing a launcher for all smartphones under its network, which would be installed remotely once it is released, but their privacy policies, are quite invasive, under the lightest of prospects.


Software, name AppFlash, and available only for Android, in theory would be designed to settle permanently on the home screen and function as an interface allowing to show shortcuts to applications, movies, restaurants and any product or service that adheres to the platform.

But, as it has alerted the Electric Frontier Foundation, at the same time the app could collect details use of the smartphone, including phone number, model of smartphone, application most used and even GPS location to share between members of Verizon.

The operator has already come out to give its first official statement on the controversy, ensuring that AppFlash works only as an interface to provide shortcuts to links in the home screen.

But their privacy policies keep saying exactly the opposite.

Still remains the plan to launch it over the next few weeks.

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