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Very soon we will be able draw on WhatsApp


The most widely used instant messaging worldwide application or what is the same WhatsApp, continues to work on developing new features and options to continue captivating a greater number of users. Also with them is to cope with the increasing advance of applications of this type such as Telegram.

For the next update to them developers of WhatsApp have planned offer us the possibility of add effects to our photographs and even make our own drawings.

This information is not a rumor, but that although these new features are not available in the latest beta version, that are present when you unzip the APK files hidden file, perhaps prepared so activated at any time.

As we have already mentioned not only will it be possible to add effects to our photographs, something that already allow other applications of this type, but you can also draw a free-form, we imagine that to make funny pictures, but also to send artistic messages that both often appeal to many users.

Of time these new features not are available or in the version official that is can download from any store of applications, or nor in the version of tests. That Yes, it seems that we could soon see them since it is in the WhatsApp Beta application APK file itself.

Would you like to WhatsApp to implement the possibility of allowing us to draw or insert effects to our photographs?. Tell us your opinion in the space reserved for the comments on this post or via any of the social networks in which we are present.

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