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Video calls reach WhatsApp

After years speculating on this item pending of the main app of messaging mobile, seems that from today is begin to put to the day in the field.

WhatsApp on Android beta users report that feature, although very limited because it only works between them, is pretty good, almost to the height of Duo, Facetime, Apple and Google. If eagerness you eat for trying this new feature, go to Google Play, type WhatsApp, and within the menu you will find the option to be a beta tester.

Reports indicate that the update was already sent to Apple’s App Store for review and publication, while some Android users report that they already have the new peaches in the app, even without being beta users.

This move WhatsApp allows you to put another nail in the coffin of Skype and put to other app’s height of messaging that already have this feature, but do not have the massive holding company bought by Facebook.

Do you have video calls on WhatsApp? Tell us how you work!

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