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Video in which is seen a Apple Watch ejecting water


He renewed clock smart of Apple, Apple Watch Series 2, adds the protection against the water and as says it company in its web the clock endures until 50 meters low the water and already not have that worry about us to the use it in the pool and in the sea. The novelty facing the version above is that now adds the certification corresponding and the user may perform activities aquatic without problems. The problem of them devices electronic that is can wet always is related with the ports and in this case Apple has a spectacular system of extraction of water for the new Apple Watch.

How the speakers may not be sealed because they need air to produce sound and it is the only place that water could enter to the device, they have made a major change in this part and is now allowed to enter the water and this is expelled using the own sound vibration. Here’s the video in slow motion out of doubt:

Click here to view the embedded video.

In the first generation of the clock intelligent of Apple it company with Tim Cook to the front came out in defense of the resistance of the water in your watch, even the CEO of Apple explained that the is shower with your Apple Watch since. Also in the time that this came out to the market numerous videos of users outside to the company showed the clock dipping is in swimming pools, showers and others. The results is that clock was still operating normally but the sound of the speaker could be affected by the entry of water playing the lowest sound until it dried. With the new system implemented in the Apple Watch Series 2 this already not takes place thanks to the vibration of this membrane placed at the speaker of the device.

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