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Virgin has lost a third of its value by the Brexit, according to its founder

Although there are still many fabric cutting around the exit of the United Kingdom of the Union European, the effects of the Brexit would have already noticed in some companies, as it is the case of the Virgingroup, according to which revealed its founder, Richard Branson.

According to the Daily Mail, the Tycoon would have said that “we are not worse than anyone else, but I suspect that we have lost one-third of our value (as a conglomerate)“, all as a result of the cancellation of an important agreement that would involve to 3,000 jobs.

Branson also recalled that even not have weighed the consequences of the Brexit, but it is clear that the United Kingdom will enter a stage of economic problems, taking into account what has happened with some financial institutions.

“In two of the worst days in history, the banks have been hit, which means that they will not lend money. The country will fall into a recession, unless we send a signal quickly“, he pointed out.

Finally, Branson spoke about the vote of people, indicating that surely not occurred a sufficient education process on the part of them to participate in the referendum.

“I don’t think that people realized the disaster which would mean your vote,” he said.

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