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Virgin Mobile grew 20% in 2016

Virgin Mobile had a good 2016. The mobile virtual network operator recorded a growth of 20% in number of customers, which translates to 450 thousand users throughout the country. After celebrate by count with the percentage more low in claims of those customers, the operator is check another achievement to the bag to the capture users by means of new services and the arrival of the 4 G.

The strategy of Virgin is follow pointing to the market of prepaid and for 2017 hope to grow another 20%. The operator also said that recast them Antiplanes for capture to the segment of postpaid that seeks an alternative without having that sign contract forced.

Regard to the practices in the industry, Juan Antonio Etcheverry, Manager general of Virgin, said:

We will continue contributing in the development of best practices for the industry. In this respect, we are satisfied with the suggestions made by the FNE, on the separation of service and telephone accounts. We made the denunciation in 2014 and that it has been received is an important step towards a more competitive and focused on the excellence of service market.

There is no doubt that Virgin shook in 2016. The idea of them Antiplanes ended forcing to the other operators to react. Similarly the Pokémon GO and social networks offer was well seen by some users. To the end them unique benefited by these strategies end up being them consumers end, since the rest of operators is come obliged to launch new plans to not stay is back.

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