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Virgin Mobile wants operators to stop selling equipment in Chile

Since the national economic Prosecutor made the recommendation that operators separate collections of data to the billing plans for equipment leases, there have emerged new details to light, specifically from the virtual mobile operator Virgin Mobile.

Juan Antonio Etcheverry, general manager of the company spoke with La Tercera and told that they put a complaint in the FNE against Movistar, Entel and clear by anti-competitive attitudes, and it is by this complaint that arose the recommendation we read some days ago.

Etcheverry declares that have several users that come of any of these three large that suffer the blocking of your phone after porting is to Virgin. This is produced by the outstanding debt with the former company for items of equipment.

Virgin proposes is that prohibit operators to market equipment, so that the subject will focus on the mobile services business and retail is responsible to provide cell phones to people.

Of course, much of the business of the operators are contracts to 18 months, since it is unlikely that this happens. Time will tell if the three big providers of mobile services in the country welcomed the recommendation of the FNE. At the same time, we hope that any of the others involved to rule in this regard.

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