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Vodafone will leave the United Kingdom after the “Brexit”


The known Brexit that so much controversy has caused the last few days, it seems that it is also affecting the environment of technology. The last to leave an interesting to troubling complaint by the Brexit has been Vodafone, that has reported that its headquarters will no longer be United Kingdom if the Brexit is executed. In this way, could be a significant shift to the world of telephony, but it will go far beyond, since Vodafone, to be based in the United Kingdom, has a very important staff of workers who will be dismissed, since the more profitable will be to recruit personnel of the country where is situated the new headquarters.

This news has brought it to light The Finantial Times, and it is that 55% of the benefits of Vodafone come from countries that are part of the European Union, on the other hand, the United Kingdom provides him only 11% of these benefits. But this is not the only downside, and is that Vodafone has 108,000 employees in total, of the which 12.391 working in Britain, of which much, those who work directly at Headquarters, will be automatically fired or relocated, once Vodafone take definition of change based on the other in a country that is part of the European Union.

The company warns United Kingdom that the digital market in Europe is on the rise, and out of the European Union right now, could mean losing the opportunity to participate in these new businesses. However, appears to be a final decision, the Executive team have said that seguiran evaluating the situation, but that will take appropriate measures in the interests of all its users, participants and employees. In addition, we remind you that this could mean the end of the United Kingdom: free Roaming, since Vodafone gives it only in countries of the EU and United States.

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