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Wallapop lanazara Wallapay, a new service of payments for its users


One of the applications that most users is gaining in terms of purchase applications for sale between users is Wallapop. This application that has little time between many applications and pages that are dedicated exclusively to the operations of buying and selling between belonging, but a very good reputation has been achieved despite the fact that the treatment of users do so exclusively. Because the application is now ready to go one step further in terms of the payment of such transactions and get a little more involved in operations among its users thanks to the service Wallapay.

Wallapay, soon come by way of service of payments between users and will allow the collection of operations directly from the moment which closes a deal, thus the seller will receive money directly from the application in Exchange for a small Commission which will vary depending on the price of the product, from 0.99 euros up to 6.99 per service. In the latest update of the application for users of iOS already warned that they were preparing something big and it seems clear that it will be this service Wallapay.

Another important detail is to see the terms of service in addition to charges for using it. Key points such as the retention of money in sales to certify that everything is correct or possible returns of products that could potentially occur, sometimes need some basic rules and we have not clear if they will be arbitrary as some similar services and they can decide what to do in cases where the operation does not reach fruition. In any case this is a completely optional method and the user can choose to use or not, so this is an advantage in any rule rather than a disadvantage. It now remains to be seen which seems not too distant launch date.

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