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“We are a solution to access linear content on mobile phones”: the backdrop

Five years ago broke on our smart phones an application that finally allowed us to view contents of the TV in the Palm of our hand. His popularity grew and grew until the TV channels were no longer happy with this initiative. They were robbing the public of their platforms. This application, which is now an established company in the field of streaming achieved alliances of such magnitude that even CQC, the popular Argentine-born news show did the last season of his Chilean version through this platform.

We speak with Jaime Boetsch, Director of contents of the curtain so tell us about what they are now and what are your plans for the future.

Wayerless: The curtain became popular thanks to what was initially (broadcasting of official TV signals). After losing some, they have just managed to stay afloat. How have they done it?

Jaime Boetsch: we got it with a content proposal for a solid and different in an application that allows you to have a great experience. The backdrop was born five years ago (this week is our birthday) in order to bring TV to the cell, something that did not exist in Chile until then. Open TV had no Adaptive signals and that access that gave the curtain allowed an enormous amount of downloads (in total 1.750.000 so far). As time passed, what did the backdrop was transformed into a source of other content. In addition to open signals, we have all TV regions and other channels, adding a proposal for 40 signals. In addition, we generate a partnership with ARCHI, where are digital partners. We have more than 500 radios, many of which we give them (audio and/or video) streaming service. In this way, we have become a solution to access all the (television and radio) linear content on mobile devices.

WL: I understand that currently make original content. What are its plans ahead, specifically for 2017?

JB: Actually, we have performed productions. For a time work content On Demand (did a season of CQC exclusive for Internet and two of Legends of Gaming, among other productions). Currently, our value proposition for the user is to deliver live signals. We strongly believe in giving a curatorship of linear, own content or other. Thus, in the backdrop of today you agree to view TV and radio in simple and fast way. In this proposal we are producing content for audiences looking for a space. For example, we have created a storytelling radio: more than 260 classic stories for kindergartens 24/7. We want to move forward in increasing our number of unique signals to satisfy audiences who feel, still looking for a space.

WL: how has fared it to its original content, for example, Legends Of Gaming?

JB: Both seasons enjoyed success and laid a benchmark in terms of the relevance that today has the world of video games (and in particular, the gameplay) in audiovisual. However, and as you said, we have focused our offer to the linear. Today we have five radios and four channels exclusive to the backdrop… and we will continue to grow.

WL: how you monetize the backdrop, since the external content offering seems to be greater than the original content?

JB: The curtain functions as a free app for Android or IOs user. Our revenue comes from advertising (banners and pre-rolls). We have, in addition, a PRO version, which eliminates banner and Airplay, it has to see the curtain from the conventional TV. We do everything to improve statistics that we are proud: every 42 seconds there is a person who lowers the curtain.

WL: who compete and what they would like to become long term?

JB: This year we had the opportunity to go to Cannes to participate in Mipcom, the world’s largest content television fair. Surprised to realize that what a couple of years ago was a rarity (have a digital signal agglomerator) today is something that not only makes sense, but it works well around the world. There are more actors in the world to develop what we’ve done.
However, I think that today any medium (producer or issuer) competes with the world. We live in the era where everyone can consume and produce content. Our proposed differentiating is in delivering an access easy, friendly and expedited to the content from the cell what is complements, in addition, with programming exclusive. Our claim is continue to grow in that path and deliver to the user an each time better experience. This 2017 we will have news important to the connection.

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