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We can only play 3 hours to the Switch Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda

As the official launch of the Nintendo Switch date draws near, will little by little is filtered more specifications, features, and other new console of the Japanese firm, console that is already in the hands of the main specialized media, which are squeezing it to the maximum. Being a risky bet, a mobile console managed by batteries always has been, is and will be a problem, the battery life it can be a problem for many users and Nintendo does not provide data on the matter since it depends on the type of game that the user use.

According to the company and depending on the type of game, each has a few requirements and different needs, this new console battery officially falls between the 2.5 and 6 o’clock. One of the games that probably most users expect is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Playing without interruption this Zelda game, the Nintendo Switch will provide us with an autonomy of 3 hours and nearly 3 minutes. It may for some be a terrible autonomy especially if they are planning to take the trip console and do not want to have to be making use of Chargers or external batteries to enjoy to the maximum of the console in which Nintendo has put all his confidence.

Next Friday the Nintendo Switch hit the market for 329 euros. As I have been reporting on news Gadget, one of the aspects that did not like the users is the possibility to connect a Bluetooth headset to take advantage of the console without cables or with the remote control Pro. Also liked that you can surf on the internet. Fortunately these limitations can be solved quickly through a Software upgrade, but being so closed as it is Nintendo it is unlikely that permitted, unless device sales not accompany.

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