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We’re at #CES2017 in Las Vegas [FAYERWAYER TV]

They started activities in Las Vegas #CES2017 and the advanced Fayerwayer, Wayerless and Metro is now in the city of casinos. Journalist Martín Calderón sent us the first report bringing cats, virtual reality, a singular bed and even underwear.

Even those that have problems with the fall of the hair will have a solution spectacular to avoid the leak of more hair!.

In the Hotel Mandalay Bay of them Vegas is led to out it first shows of what will be the fair of electronics more big of the world. In this CES Unveiled more than give you space to them large exponents and brands of always, us found with them proposals of independent, that through their innovations want get to play in them large leagues of it technology.

The first product that caught our attention is Catspad. A luck of module of power designed for your cats, in which control their level of food and water through an application. Each pet carries a chip tied to your necklace so the machine recognize what feline is which thinks interact with the machine and give you of eat it budgeted by the love.

With the arrival of them AirPods of Apple (exhausted in all sides), is makes prevailing that other companies take the idea of them headphones really wireless more beyond. With them Fuse can have this option both in Android as iOS and load them of different forms, already is in his pod of load, in a pendant or on a bracelet.

One of the scourges of yesterday and today is the loss of hair, so that the electric company offers a headpiece that promises to stimulate hair growth through infrared light, as at the same time to prevent the fall of this if is used until they begin the signs of the dreaded baldness.

Augmented reality is a trend that is here to stay and the Hypersuit promises to bring the experience several steps beyond. It is an exoskeleton in which you if and you can simulate to be flying, as if you were Superman.

Within the floor of CES Unveiled were thousands of ideas and prototypes, many with something interesting to offer, while others were simply refried in other years. By now this is what us has delivered CES 2017 and not can expect to run into us with more surprises.

Let’s look at what brings us this first video from #CES2017.

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