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WhatsApp already allows to scroll infinitely by the message history

All await the arrival of GIFs to WhatsApp, but while this does not happen in the same way we have about how much News in the application. Changes come with the version 2.16.141, so if they have updated insurance already will have available all the news.

WhatsApp finally changed the way to display the oldest messages. Previously to slide down the chat up appeared a button saying “load more posts”, which we had to press many times to get to the desired text. With the update, WhatsApp allows users to scroll infinitely by the whole conversation, arrow to go down to the last messages now is also more visible and tells how many have without reading.

Another novelty which brings the update is how we see the missed calls. In previous versions, we could see them only in the “call” tab but now when we lose us a call appears a notice within the chat of the person who called us.

Before, when you change a group chat icon, appeared a message that warned him, however with the update appears a bubble displaying the logo of old and new, as a “before and after”. On the other hand, it is the integration of an emoji on the occasion of the Olympic Games 2016, which appears at the end in the sports category.

The update also brings a new interface to create a group or a broadcast. People icons are now larger, as well as the button to remove from the group. Also, they have changed the options to interact with an unknown contact, now allows to choose between the options “report spam”, “block” and “add to contacts”.

In general, this update does not bring changes that are very useful for users, with the exception of the possibility of slipping by the message history forever. No doubt this will simplify them life at the time of search for a message from months or years ago.

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