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WhatsApp and about tax scams-beware


We are the home of the Declaration of income and this is something very sweet for those who want to trick users by impersonating the IRS WhatsApp application. This is one such attack known as phishing or impersonation of identity, where hackers want to get our data from the known messaging application. First of all it should be made clear that we don’t have to heed any dubious messages, whether in email, SMS or any other application like WhatsApp Messenger, but emphasize that the IRS will not ask us anything from WhatsApp.

It seems they are using this application to obtain data from some users that can fall into the trap of these hackers. From Panda Security warn that this is happening and therefore must not ignore such messages, making it clear that this body can send any notification by SMS, but never asking for data or similar, simply displaying information to the user.

Even in this case we have a Tweet from the account of the national police where also warn of this type of practice:

? Are approaching the time for income tax and the cibermalos want to deceive you: do not click on unknown attachments! #Phishing

-National Police (@policia) March 27, 2017

So beware of this and above all inform all those who may be more vulnerable to this type of deception. So if you get a WhatsApp or even a text message in the form of SMS in which ask for information about any data collection or personal, billing questions it immediately since this organization have data from all taxpayers and never ask for such information. Also if you get any message importantly look at details such as own sender, the same logo, possible failures of spelling or even the tax agency logo colors and compare them.

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