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WhatsApp finally supports the sending of GIFs

A format that has for decades among us, now widely used to express many things, situations and emotions. Instant Messaging as Telegram support GIFs shipping for some time, but calls the attention that a service like WhatsApp has delayed enough with such support.

Send a GIF on WhatsApp not is as fun as in others services of messaging, since the animation is sends and plays as if outside a video. Therefore, there is no way to view it in a conversation. At least in the stable version, the latest beta of Messenger already allows send and view GIFs as such.

According to Android Police, WhatsApp version 2.16.293 includes a new tab of GIFs in the attachments, window right next to the videos. You can select any animation our phone to send to a contact or group, after viewing it or add a subtitle, as it is possible in the images and videos that we send.

(c) Android Police(c) Android Police

The received GIFs can be displayed directly from the conversation, regardless of what open the video player to view them, though the animation is actually sent as a MP4 file, a more friendly format with compression. It is worth mentioning that this does not affect in any way experience sharing and display GIFs at the talks.

If you are part of the WhatsApp beta program in Play Store, you can already send GIFs to all your contacts. Now that support is present in this version, sooner or later it will be available to all users.

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