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WhatsApp now allows you to leave messages ready even without connection to internet

Until today if you didn’t have internet access not you could do more than read messages on WhatsApp. If you wanted to write something could do that, but everything remained in the text box, corresponding to you see when connecting to recover to send it.

The new version of the popular application of Messaging now allows, even without connection, “send” them messages that you want. He theme is that obviously these not is sent without internet, but are in “pending” to hopes of that recover a bar of signal or you connect to WiFi, there the application will make your new trick and send the message.

The importance of this new feature is not dependent on internet access to advance various tasks and not distract you with “slopes” that may have formed.

It sounds like something logical and brilliant now that it exists, but competition doesn’t and WhatsApp, version 2.17.1 gave the first blow. Now have to wait and see how long it takes rest in copy implement this feature.

Another innovation that incorporates the dependent on Facebook messaging application is used in its cache space optimization, a sort of outstanding debt which had this software with people who have phones with smaller capacity and do not know why went them so fast space.

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