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WhatsApp reaches 1,200 million active users

For practically a year Mark Zuckerberg did numbers and reported on the number of followers that currently have different platforms that are available, which are not few. Next to the presentation of financial results, which has shown a benefit of 10.217 billion dollars, has also been reported on the number of active users of WhatsApp: 1,200 million. This figure is has incremetnado by 20% compared with the figure announced is now one year.  Its rival Max, Facebook Messenger, he inherited as users to most people who have an account on the social network, has 1,000 million active users per month.

WhatsApp remains the platform chosen by the majority of smartphone users, despite having changed service conditions to pass our data to the social network, terms of service which was forced to withdraw after several European judges consider them little clear. Throughout the year, the green messaging desktop application, has been receiving news, an aspect that has always cost more than normal and which users it seems that do not give much importance.

Despite being available in 187 countries, it is not the Queen of messaging in all, only 109, which is not bad for being one of the first to reach the market. In countries where WhatsApp is not the main application of messaging, Facebook Messenger, found that formn part of the same company so that between the two comprises almost all of the cake. WeChat for example is the Queen of China, while Line is in Japan. In the Middle East Viber is the master. As we can see Asia is where WhatsApp still encounter more problems when it comes to reach more users.

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