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WhatsApp users carry out 100 million calls daily


The arrival of WhatsApp to market meant a real revolution in the telephone companies that they saw as the SMS passed into the background, especially on new year’s Eve, both the user date on which millions of users around the world celebrated the year by sending SMS to the family, generating an important part of income for this type of companies , some of which were seriously blocking the use through your internet connection, similar to step with calls VoIP Skype enabled us to do but many operators included it as an extra, whereby we had to pay to party.

But once past the success of WhatsApp were many services that were also coming to different mobile platforms and they took advantage of the gratuity of an infinite number of messages to send via your internet connection. There was no countdown, and the operators had to swallow and swallow. Once accustomed to losing money, or rather fail to put money by SMS arrived WhatsApp calls over the internet, although on this occasion the operators already had assumed it offering rates with bonus minutes.

Since its launch in April last year, calls WhatsApp away from staying as something residual that is only used a few, it seems that it has been a success already are many users who use it daily, according to figures published by the company in which we can see how more than 100 million calls are made each day via WhatsApp which is equivalent to 1,100 calls per minute, a genuine outrage.

But if we stop to think that WhatsApp has more than 1,000 millions of active users that figure seems a little small. Via WhatsApp calls are fine to keep a conversation that cannot be performed with messages and especially if we are connected to a WiFi network, since it saves us having to spend our bond calls and data. What is clear is that sooner or later all messaging platforms will end up implementing this calling service to later expand it to fixed or mobile lines as it offers Skype since inception, becoming a way to monetize the platform.

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