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WhatsApp will allow to view GIFs in a next update


To (almost) all we like WhatsApp. We like the messaging application which bought Facebook a couple of years ago for a simple reason: a messaging application has to allow us to communicate with our contacts and the vast majority of users have WhatsApp installed on your smartphone. In other words: WhatsApp like us because it allows us to be in touch with our loved ones without having to pay for it. There are other better applications, but what does us the quality if not we who use it? In addition, WhatsApp will soon include a feature that will be very welcome.

The next version will be WhatsApp 2.16.7 and, among the long list of new features that will include support to display GIFs animated, when forecasts are met will be the most outstanding novelty. So far, when we send a GIF from any version of WhatsApp, which receives our contact (and what we see as Envoy) is a still image that loses all the grace. The next version will include a first step to support the GIFs, and I say “a first step” because we can not send images from the reel. What we can do is send a link and view it from the application.

Soon to be also the public chats WhatsApp

But support for GIFs won’t be the only important change that will come with the next version of the most widely used messaging application in the world. In addition, many Visual changes, are also included which we can also see in the form of new animations, and other improvements such as an up-to-date encryption and gliding (scroll) more fluid. But what is perhaps most interesting is that the sources say that they are working on a new “method of communication”. Nobody knows what can refer or if it will already be in the next version of WhatsApp but, taking into account that almost all have the application installed in our smartphone, sure that brings a lot to our conversations. Although what to my I would be interested is that launch a native desktop application, which I think we will not see nor in the next or in any future update.

You have a complete list of the developments expected in the next version of WhatsApp in the article that currently iPhone published this afternoon and to have available at This link.

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