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Why do Nintendo Switch cartridges know evil?


We are talking about almost every day the Nintendo Switch, the last big release of Japanese company aims to return to the market through the front door, which is that yesterday was officially March 3 Nintendo Switch stores and many are users who have been able to check if same if you really The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild is as good as it is saying the specialized press. However, what today brings us to this point is the fact that the Nintendo Switch cartridges have a peculiar taste, in fact it seems that he causes a small Arcade to suck it.

And is that the companions of IGN in United States, realized that there was something rare in the taste of Nintendo Switch cartridges, not only were tasteless, something to be expected in a plastic product, but in addition they knew really badly, so much that they could cause you a Arcade, as became the director of The Verge , Dieter Bohn. Ultimately, opened all over a circle of rumors about why Nintendo Switch cartridges knew so badly, and nothing better to ask directly to the manufacturers, so did from Kotaku.

“To avoid the possibility of an accidental ingestion, it is advisable to keep the cartridges out of the reach of children. We have also applied a Bittering substance (Denatonium Benzoate) cartridges. This substance may not be toxic”.

That is the answer that the team of Nintendo America has given to the respect of the off-flavor in Nintendo Switch cartridges, and the Japanese company know that young people are their main audience, and what better way to protect them and reassure parents with such measures. So it has been, Nintendo has done it again.

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