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Wikileaks declassified CIA global hacking program

Wikileaks just made a rather serious accusation which accuses the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) to carry out a project of hacking at the global level in which trivial such as mobile phones and TVs products were used hidden microphones.

The situation is called Year Zero from Wikileaks and in the press release indicated that “the CIA lost control of most of its stockpile of hacking that include malware, virus, Trojans, exploits type ‘zero-day’ turned into weapons and the associated documentation”.

With “Year Zero,” Wikileaks hopes to present “the scope and direction of global hacking of the CIA program”.

The report includes data on how the CIA would become essentially all electronic devices long-distance microphones, including devices with iOS, macOS, Windows, Solaris, Linux, Android, and even Smart TVs from Samsung, thanks to various fraudulent applications which filtered data about geolocation, communications via text and which also activate our mobile phone remote camera. Such programmes would be widely used by users, such as 2048, Breakout2, Prezi, VLC, Kaspersky, McAfee, Sophos, among others.

The malware that ran behind the above mentioned applications would have been able to encode the encryption of our conversations WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Weibo, Confide, and Cloackman, while none of the above has been fully confirmed by the manufacturers or developers, given the recent which is this accusation.

The plan, called Weeping Angel (or weeping Angel) was developed, at least in the edge Smart TVs from Samsung, with the help of MI5 in the United Kingdom and the Trainee Solicitors Birmingham-related ‘ Society (BTSS), xploit consisting of a suspended mode in which the equipment in question recorded conversations and sent them to the servers of the CIA.

Draws attention, clearly, that the CIA and the NSA are developing espionage programs simultaneously, especially when the Wikileaks report reveals a certain rivalry between the two institutions. According to the paper, the first entity has stolen some portion of the funding to the national security agency, all in favour of creating a fleet of drones for military purposes and also to finance the activities of the team of hackers who performs this movement today.

All of the above, to explain it in simple terms, has its roots in the case of Edward Snowden and the NSA, where manufacturers and software developers essentially appealed to relevant government entities to request, where you will find bugs in their systems or codes, please report them to repair them. This initiative is called “Zero Days“, a term of 90 days that the companies have to work to fix these vulnerabilities, somewhat similar to what happens with the Project Zero of Google.

Black point of all this is that all the leaks of information that occurred were thanks to the CIA would have found fault in the codes of the affected devices, but never informed them of this software developers, thus taking advantage of the teams and transforming them into remote spying devices.

The case contains a lot of information that we see developed, expanded and debated over the next few days, but we can already say that, if you confirm the foregoing, we have the largest mass ever espionage case, something that will certainly bring great impact on economic, political and social terms in general.

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