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Will reinforce those rumors of a new iPhone is for March

For almost two weeks comes running strong rumor that Apple is preparing a response to the S8 Galaxy of Samsung, in the form of a new and unexpected iPhone is that it would be presented this month of March 2017, and has now emerged a new piece of evidence that supports this report.

According to a report from MacRumors, Target stores chain has begun the process of collection and return of all remaining models of the first generation of the iPhone, launched nearly a year ago.


This movement is a common standard when it comes to renew inventory because there will be a new version of a product, so the conjecture of this and other sites is that Yes, the shops already are preparing for a new iPhone is.

Previous reports claimed that the iPhone was a single Edition, a product that would only exist by that time and that Apple would never repeat the movement.

But now it seems that they are seeking to maintain their margins of profit to the maximum, and the commercial success of the first model justifies everything, although industry analysts are not so sure about the effectiveness of this new release.

This new model of the iPhone it would be better that its predecessor in few aspects, since it would only have 128 GB internal memory, and everything else would be equal, respect the idea of keeping a more discrete dimensions display.

There interested in an iPhone is of last year with more memory?

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