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Windows 10 ahead of Windows 7 on Steam


The Steam platform has returned to update data related to the use of its platform for the month of may, showing that the community still adopting Windows 10 apace and will gradually abandoning Windows 7. This is the first month that Windows 10 has become the operating system most commonly used to make use of Steam, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux that closes the classification without move of 1%, and is left only with a sad 0.84%.  Here we show the classification by operating systems commonly used on the platform Steam corresponding to the month of may:

  • 10 Windows: 41.48%
  • 8.1 Windows: 11.45%
  • Windows 8: 1.62%
  • Windows 7: 38.60%
  • Windows Vista: 0.31%
  • Windows XP: 1.90%
  • Mac OS X: 3.67%
  • Linux: 0.84%

As we can see, Windows 10 tops the standings with 41,48%, followed by Windows 7, which is lagging behind with 38,60%. The following operating system most widely used continues to be Windows 8.1 with 11.45% followed by Mac OS X with a 3.67%. Windows XP, the system that continues to resist disappear has a share of 1.90%, followed by Windows 8. There are still some brave you still using Windows Vista with a 0.31% closing the classification.

In this classification, although Steam separate versions of Windows, depending on the version installed by the user, 32 or 64 bits, have been grouped under the same name. Windows 10, nine months after its release currently installed in more than 300 million computers, though in recent months it seems that the number of adoption has slowed.

According to the figures of adoption is getting Windows 10, it is most likely that before the end of the year that version of Windows, you will get 50% of quota and most likely is that throughout the year, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Windows XP disappear from this classification, since currently the fee you have is just residual.

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