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Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be launched on 2 August

Windows 10

We have several months discussing the various innovations that will bring the major update that will be Anniversary Update. This update will bring a large number of novelties among which we will find the possibility to be able to eliminate all the bloatware that manufacturers are adding in all the computers that we buy. This bloatware including spyware, as it is the case of Lenovo, not only is dedicated to track our activity but also fills us with sees trash your brand new computer.

Other news is the Association of our Windows 10 to our mail user license, so to insert it into your computer for the first time it won’t lack that we have to enter it manually. Hello Windows and Cortana will also receive improvements in its functioning.

But they are not unique innovations with which Microsoft wants us to surprise with the launch of this update of Windows 10 anniversary. As the company confirmed officially headquartered in Redmond, on 2 August this update will be launched. Windows is currently testing new features through the Insider program, and as we find new products, we will inform you respectively.

29 July completes the term pair completely free to update our version of Windows 7 and Windows 8.x Windows 10. After that date, according to the company a few weeks ago, price you update it will be 129 euros for the Home version, version that is installed on most computers that use Windows 10 today.

Go closer the release date of Windows 10 Anniversary we will inform you of all the innovations that will appear. If today still not you’ve upgraded, you don’t miss the opportunity and updates to let Microsoft know that your Windows 7 and Windows 8.x license has already been used with Windows 10 even if you later return to Windows 7. Sooner or later you will see you in the obligation to install Windows 10.

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