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Windows 10 Creators Update could be delayed until April

As is about the date of presentation of the new update that will come to Windows 10, called Creators Update, begin to appear new rumors on the date planned for this release. Microsoft announced in the last presentation of products Surface and which could see the fantastic SurfaceStudio AIO, the company announced that the expected date of departure of the new update of Windows 10 would reach the market in the month of March of this year, but according to several sources related to this release, this update will be delayed until the month of April.

If we look at the numbering of the various betas that Microsoft is launching on the market, the same number corresponds with the month and year of release. For now it seems that the final version of Creators Update has been identified as 1704, i.e. 2017 (17) and April (04). It is not retardation, but can be the beginning of a series of delays that surely will not like to users.

This delay should not because surprise us, since it is not the first time that it occurs. As example have the delay in the launch of the version end of Windows 10 Mobile, whose delay was one of the reasons by which many users of it platform mobile is faint of wait and leave it platform. But with the version of Windows 10 for desktop still not had past.

Among the new features found in Windows 10 Creators Update find remodeling full Paint application, that will allow us to work in 3 dimensions in addition to being compatible with the stylus of Microsoft. Also there will be news in the sector of them video games and of the entertainment, as well as them new glasses of reality virtual that will launch the company to the market (not speak of them HoloLens)… Besides a great number of small functions as to create folders in the menu of home of them tiles, paralyze it installation of the remediation…

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