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Windows 10 increases its market share in June


When missing less than a month for the official launch of the first major update of Windows update that we could consider a new version under the same name, the guys at Microsoft are seeing as their market share will expand at a rapid pace in recent months at least, months in which in addition to the announcement of the paid version from July 30 also helped happy update that sometimes has updated our PC directly starting to upgrade.

But leaving the unethical practices by Microsoft, a few days ago the company announced that the August 2 Anniversary Update will be launched, the major update as expected by many users. In that same statement, the company announced that Windows 10 is already in more than 350 millions of computers and the update of the version for mobile phones will also come the same date.

According to the latest data of StatCounter, currently the share of market of Windows 10 is of the 21.9%. Part of the incredible growth of share is mainly due to tax practices. According to StatCounter, we can also see how Windows 7 has been to reduce its quota from 48% to 42%. It is clear that Windows 7 users do not want to fail to take this opportunity to upgrade for free to Windows 10.

Windows 8.1 has an 8.68% market share and the previous version, Windows 8 still present in the market offers us a share of 3.52%. Follow these operating systems can be upgraded for free Windows 10 until 29 July. It is clear that many of those users have not yet clear to do, but as don’t give rush, will have to pay the 120 euros that will cost 10 Windows from July 30.

Although I still think, and we’ll see if I’m wrong, that the company will make such as Apple, offering their operating systems for free among all users of lifetime, as Apple is doing with its operating systems since a few years ago. But to be clear, we will have to wait until the date of expiration of the free offered by Microsoft.

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