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Windows 10 will allow us to add applications to start menu folders

Windows 10 has been one of them systems operating that more has modified the way in which those users traditional of Windows interactuábamos with it. While it is true that Windows 8 and its useful interface annoyed many users, the idea was not bad. Fortunately with Windows 8.1 returned the menu of home although also is could access to the applications of the system through the new interface, an interface that not was bad but that forced to them users to modify the form in which interacted with Windows of the night to it tomorrow, a change that not sat nothing to well. Fortunately, Windows 10 arrived with a mix of the interface of Windows 7 and it’s Windows 8, i.e., with the classic menu of home and with them tiles distributed by the part right of the menu.

Windows 10 Anniversary resulted in slight aesthetic change on the left side of the menu, where currently only icons of settings are displayed. But not is the only change that has planned Windows for future updates, since according to has filtered MSPowerUser, the company with headquarters in Redmond is testing an option that allows to them users create folders in the menu of home where is placed them tiles, folders that would include applications or access direct to them same, for of this form grouping in a unique place , for example photo-editing applications, video players and applications to create GIFs…

Of this form Windows 10 in his version of desktop would receive the same option that currently offers the version mobile of Windows 10, option that us allows create folders in the menu of home as if of access direct is were. At the moment this feature is only available in the latest betas of the Windows Insider program, but does not mean that in the final version is available, though being such a good idea as it is, if it should be.

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